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Kaifeng Xinghua Fine Chemical LTD,under Ping coal Group,is a factory specialized in producing Saccharin.It covers a floor space of 80.000 square meters green ground.The output is 15,000 tons per year.The products have been well exported to over thirty countries and region in Europe,Asia,and America.It is good prestige,top-quality and satisfactory revise that we praise from all  customers. The ”XINGHUA” Sodium Saccharin is the main product.

• We adopt the best advanced technology (Phenyl Anhydride Technique) and production facilities all over the world.The quality index of this product met the National Standard(GB)on Food additive, the Standard of British pharmacopoeia(BP98、BP2000、BP2007、BP2011),the Standard of the United States pharmacopoeia(USP24、USP30、USP32、USP34),Europen pharmacopoeia(EP97,EP6.0), American Food Chemicals Codex(FCC VI,FCC IV, FCC V),this product is rhombus,white,bright,sweet and nutrition free.It has been extensively applied in food,drink,cosmetics,forage and electroplate industry etc.

• we has been certified by ISO9002 in 1995,and appraised to advanced export company in 1998.“XINGHUA”Saccharin was awared the honorable title of famous good product in the world.

Through the long term development , based our main prodcuts saccharin now our company have developed one comprehensive enterprise . The products include types sweetener and the related fine chemicals .Hoping we can bulid the long term friendship following the business!